Odesoft has learning solutions like Learning Management System (LMS), Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Web Conferencing System, Video Platform, Opensource Managed Hosting Services, Course Management, Assessment Solutions & Services, E-learning Content Authoring Tools, etc.

Design & Management of Learning Environments

Digital Learning Environments are education technology platforms that provide the core teaching and learning tools you need to support the delivery of online courses – from supplemental to hybrid to fully online. From K-12 to higher education, to professional training and development, we’re committed to making the experience more engaging, more collaborative, and more effective for everyone. Regardless of the environment, there are core components that enrich the learning process. We’re experts in finding the perfect learning platform for you – and we’ll tailor it to your precise needs.

Odesoft LMS/VLE solutions provide powerful learning content management capabilities that enable users to store and manage all their course and group assets in one place. We provide a wealth of powerful, flexible tools that enable great teaching, compelling learning, and dynamic collaboration. Our solutions’ user interface is modern, easy to use, and accessible. Instructors and students can achieve their academic goals no matter where they are or what device they use. Faculty and students enjoy faster-than-ever system performance as well as enhanced integration with plagiarism detection, streaming media, and lecture capture software.

Odesoft Web Conferencing Solutions provide a customized online experience for every participant, as hundreds and thousands of students can be reached simultaneously across campus or around the world. Our solution will help you transition from institution or instructor-centric learning to personalized, active learning. You can meet the needs of mobile learners, facilitate formal and informal learning, provide mission-critical professional development, and create a culture of collaboration. It also allows you to add virtual or blended online/onsite events.

Odesoft Education Video Solutions make education more interactive, engaging, and accessible. We offer the broadest set of video management and creation tools, tightly integrated with every LMS/VLE. From flipped classrooms to live broadcast, our solution powers the latest trends in education. Instructors and learners can easily create, upload, edit, manage, publish, discover and deliver high-quality video to any device, live or on demand.

Cloud Services

If you are having a hard time choosing which Open Source Solution to use, Odesoft will find what fits your needs. We have a complete end to end solution for your institution. We can work with you to design an overall solution. Clean integration, whether you have an existing product set that you would like to integrate or a new Open Source solution. Set up your learning environment and tools with professional solutions in security. We aim to provide all educational institutions, no matter their size or resources they have, with the systems they need to provide effective learning, teaching and institution management.

Content Solutions

Developing eLearning content has never been so fast and easy! Odesoft develops quality courses, video lectures, and assessments that will work on any desktop, laptop, and mobile platform. Our solutions are fully responsive, multi-device, HTML5 e-learning content. You can create. review and collaborate with our team anywhere. Work with our team of developers, designers and subject matter experts across offices. We create custom eLearning tailored to your needs. We’ve worked with every major authoring tool and LMS, and across different sectors. We’re here to help you with everything from a single bite-size custom eLearning content to complex global learning courses/programmes involving thousands of people.