With over 20 years’ experience in designing, developing, teaching, and learning environment management, and through the development of dedicated systems supporting whole educational institutions community engagement, staff development, and cross-curricular activities and ideas, Odesoft can offer a wide range of carefully and professionally designed and tailor-made services to support education for sustainable development.

We can develop educational programmes and services to help bridge the gap between educational establishments and the corporate world, as our experiences cover both aspects. We look forward to helping you to expand your horizons, develop your skills and achieve your goals.

Odesoft can offer a referral service to put you in touch with trusted and qualified consultants in a range of areas which are of importance to independent providers. These include:

  • Education Technology Assistance and Support
  • Learning Environment Development and Implementation (Macro Design)
    • Developing strategy and structure
      • Identify: An analysis of needs and attitudes
      • Defining the objectives
      • Construction of the System/Infrastructure
  • Learning Content Development and Delivery (Micro Design)
    • Design of lessons and instructional strategies
      • Defining the objectives/the expected outcomes and competencies.
      • Decide on ID Strategy
      • Gathering Content
      • Set Assessments
      • Development and Production
      • Integration and Delivery
  • Learning Consultancy Services to Public/Private Sectors and NGOs